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Default Vin number 34 Tudor

Well, I want to thank all for the information that I recieved on the vin number but I guess the Colorado State Patrol thinks that there is another vin number on the body. Won't they ever let up? I'm working on getting a title but will not except a salvage title and I think thats what they want to issue. So is there or was there ever a vin number stamped on the body some where, maybe on the bottom side of the body? I know they had Patent Data plates attached to the fire wall but those didn't contane a vin number. Any ideas other than, well Trooper, put your coverals on and get to looking. They are going to check with some Trooper dude in Denver that has been doing vin inspections for 50 years and he is supposed to KNOW it ALL! Time will tell. If you got any fuel for me to use when he comes back please let me know. Also any idea on why I have to buy a bond and what help are they for me.

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Ed Pitts
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Default Re: Vin number 34 Tudor

Rod, there are no vin numbers on the body. As stated earlier, it is located on the frame and if the transmission has not been changed, it is on the top where it bolts to the engine. It is just above the inspection plate on the attached pic. My 36 happened to have the original transmission, so it matched the frame. Ed
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Default Re: Vin number 34 Tudor


When I purchased my '32 Standard Cpe from Texas, I knew there might be an issue finding the VIN. I purchased an early Ford dataplate from Midwest Early Ford Store in Springfield, OH that has a blank box on it. I then took the dataplate to an office supply store and had them laser cut the VIN on it. I then installed it in place of the original dataplate on the firewall. Took the car to be inspected and had no problem what-so-ever. You can then switch the dataplates back....if you are so inclined to do so. Worked for me!

Good luck,
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Default Re: Vin number 34 Tudor

Rod; there is another location on the frame on the kick up portion. There is a very good book that every 33/34 owner should own.wealth of information.There is one chapter dealing with frame numbers.The book states that the rule was all 33/34 v8 were to be stamped with a star,18 6 digit number and a star.With all old Fords there were exceptions.Some had no 18,some had 40 and some had nothing but the star I own one with only the star preceding the 6 digit number(.Have owned it for 51 years) There are some photos in this book that might help your case . The name of the book is THE 1933-34 FORD BOOK;restoration manual/Cliff Helling I think you can purchase one from THE EARLY FORD V-8 CLUB OF AMERICA,INC. P.O. BOX 2122 San Leandro Ca 94577 Good luck lee34
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Default Re: Vin number 34 Tudor

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I had a friend that move to Colorado to go to school for an 18-month period and he took his old HD motorcycle with him as a spare set of wheels. The CSP impounded his bike when they didn't like the numbers on it. The engine had had a replacement case stamped by an HD dealer installed. It matched the frame number but in their infinite wisdom they just knew it was stolen property due to the poor stamping that was done. My friend had to appeal the state attorney general to give it back based on their not being able to prove it was stolen. Once he got it back, he moved up the road a bit to Wyoming till he finished the rest of his course in Colorado. It was a long commute but he didn't care. He wasn't about to go through that again.

Most states usually have a state directory book issued to divisional state trooper offices that cover the old VIN numbers but not all do. The book lee34 mentioned would be the best thing going besides possibly judging standards or what not. It would be hard for them to dispute fellows that put all the research into those books plus their own knowledge added in.

I've talked to many a lady behind the couny office counter that swore they never made any VINs that didn't include the more modern information that was begun in the 50s & 60s. They look at me real funny when I show them an old motorcycle title with a 4-digit number only. I guess they just don't know or care that automobiles have been chugging the American roads for well over a century now.
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