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Default Re: To those who've been there, original harness, am I fighting a loosing battle?

Originally Posted by F-ONE View Post
I've been trying to get my '51 Coupe road ready. It sill has the original harness.
The brake switch wires are rotten to the harness.

All the engine wiring has been replaced to the harness. (make do repairs) The generator charges fine.

The lights, are still on the original harness. They work except for brake lights and signals.

The main harness under hood and under dash is still wrapped.

Most of the exposed wire under the hood just crumbles away between my thumb and finger, more like mud than fabric. The brake circuit was that way.

As I get to the main harness, the condition of the wire seems better.

All the interior lighting still works, as do the taillights. The car still has the original headliner.

There is some naked copper under the dash but have not determined if this is part of the main harness or something that was added. At one time the car had a big engine. It looks like somebody tried to convert it back to stock.

It's been monkeyed with a little bit.

My hope is, that there is still enough there to get gauges working, the brake lights and have it drivable.

To those that have been here, do I just need to re-wire the car or replace the parts of the harness as I go?

Do I need to get a new under dash harness and go from there?

Do I have any hope in repairing it (the present harness) or is it a waste of time and money?
F-ONE, New harnesses are cheap and in the long run, you'll be happy you'd replaced it. With a new harness, the risk of fire goes way down and the chances of electrical issues go down as well.
Want to spend your time chasing electrical issues and / or putting out fires?

Installing a harness is a lot easier than you might be imagining. If you run in to a "road block" while installing it, there are a lot of guys here that will help you through it.

Last year, I added a "bucket list" car to my collection - a '36 roadster. A former AACA senior car. Even though the car remains beautiful, the restoration was 30+ years old and while the wiring appeared very nice and was not causing any issues, I'd replaced the entire harness from headlamps to taillamps and everything between. Why? Simple assurance / confidence that I'll have no issues.
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