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Default MARC Meeting in Gettysburg

Due to an injury I was not able to attend the 2017 Gettysburg meet, which I was looking forward to because of it being only 300 miles away. I was hoping to take pictures of all the cars and displays and especially going to the swap meet. My friend who lives close by went and told me that the swap meet was small with about only 20 vendors, he mentioned Bratton's and Gaslight were there. He also said that Bratton's was helping those with vehicle problems that drove there, he spent most of the day doing mechanical repairs with a few others on As that had problems.
Are the swap meets at the MARC events usually that small? He did tell me that he was able to buy a pair of NOS '29 Tudor rear fenders he needed, but other than that the pickings were slim. He is not a camera person so no pics. Did anyone on the barn go that is into photography? If you have a bunch of pics I would be happy to send you a memory stick to have a copy. If you do and are willing send me an email at tmorisco@swva.net

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Default Re: MARC Meeting in Gettysburg

I am taking a lot of photos. I will post later.
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Default Re: MARC Meeting in Gettysburg

National meets cost a lot to attend. With a slot in a host hotel and all the fees, food, and registrations, you can rack up a $1,500 + tab. Most attendees are there for the event, not to cart in a trailer full of parts to sell.
I have noticed that the vendors who are there to sell at a National event usually have very nice, even rare, parts. Often they are beautifully restored. And expensive.
I like to walk through the stalls just to see ... but it is hard to carry a NOS fender home in a Roadster!
If you want an up-and-coming swap, try the one at the Model A Museum at the Gilmore Museum at Hickory Corners, MI during the Model A weekend. It is well worth the drive from Virginia.
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Default Re: MARC Meeting in Gettysburg

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I just got back from Gettysburg, had to pick up a part or two. Very impressive as I pulled down the drive to see rows and rows of A's all colors and styles. Was suffering from a summer cold so it cut short my trip but I was glad to see some of it. People were very easy to talk to even if they were busy polishing that last section. Saw some wonderful original colors out in the sun. much nicer than a paint chip, maybe someday. I was already floored but then I was told this is the touring class (your kidding) no, the fine point cars are under the tents oh my, I am sure any who went had a great time 10 hours in a truck sneezing and hacking did nothing to dampen ( no pun ) my trip.
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