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Default Re: '36 Pickup electrical issue

Originally Posted by TJ View Post
Just went through the same issue on a friends roadster. It was a new Pertronix coil. Changed the coil and put in another one and it fired right up.
Well, it fired right up. Started and stopped engine several times. Ran real smooth ran great. First time it has even started since May

What to do? I took it for a short trip here in town, got about half a mile, and she died and wouldn't start. Coasted to side of road and got a buddy to drag me home with a rope. Same issue now at home, when I touch the POS cable to the battery get a spark. Didn't have that with the new NAPA coil Thursday when I first put it on. Now I do again. The other coil from S. America did that from the start.

I ran a by-pass wire from the NEG post of the battery to the NEG terminal on the coil, to by pass the solenoid it has for that push button start as Charlie suggested, and it still wouldn't start.

I have to hang this project up for a couple days I have a lot of work to do outside while it's nice.

I'll be back next week and tell you what I have found. I need to do Flathead Ted's test yet that may be a clue.

Thank you to all who have sent tips on things to check.

I forgot to mention, this is a push button start mounted on the dash the truck isn't running the original foot pedal starter switch. She cranks like a modern car, really turns over just no fire to the dist.

The house I died by Thursday was having a garage sale. Right by the end of a gal's driveway. When my friend and I came back in his truck with a tow strap two guys were really looking the '36 over. One asked me if it was for sale, was it part of the garage sale? How does it run? I like that flathead and on and on...

I told him 'Right now it is a SMOOTH runner you can hardly hear the engine!' Then he looked puzzled as I crawled underneath and wrapped the tow strap around the front axle, then he figured it out and laughed as we drove off and I waved to them
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