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Default Starter sticking

Once in a while my starter sticks. The copper starter switch "welds" to the copper button on the starter. I'd there any way to prevent that.
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Big hammer
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Default Re: Starter sticking

I added a strip of stainless steel under the copper strip to help spring back to the normal position. An original switch is much better than the repop switches!
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Default Re: Starter sticking

I had the same problem. Remove the switch and clean it off with some 400 grit wet and dry sandpaper. Also clean off the contact point on the starter. Once everything is cleaned up and somewhat smooth, the problem should be resolved.
I don't know how often this happens. My car is 12 volts. It only had 330 miles on it when it stuck the first time. Now I have near 900 miles on the car and so far no problem.
The first time I ran into the problem, it was while cranking for a long period with a car that would not restart due to an overheated coil. So, my thinking is if your car is easy to start, it may give the starter switch a better outcome.

Tom L.
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Default Re: Starter sticking


Just read that this morning and thought it was interesting. I think my switch is original and it's never gotten stuck even with some long cranking times. Only seems to be a problem with the reproduction parts.
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Default Re: Starter sticking

Mine sticks if I crank for more than 5-10 seconds. Repop switch. When I first tried to start it the actuating rod shorted out because the plastic nub on the end was missing... Took a bit to figure out.
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Will N
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Default Re: Starter sticking

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As Big hammer alluded to, the contact in the repro switches are made of copper, and are not very springy. The originals were made from a bronze alloy, and are much more springy. The original contact looks a little more yellowish compared to the copper color of the repro. Try to find an original at a swap meet. If you housing is corroded and you don't want to have it replated, you can swap out the original contact into the repro housing.
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