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Default top molding questions

For my '30 standard coupe, I'm debating over using the hidum welt versus the aluminum molding for the strip above the visor. My car will be a driver; it is already painted and the long-grain vinyl is installed and looks great. I intend to use the hidum welt around the sides and rear, so my questions deal with the strip that covers the top material located above the visor.

I'd appreciate your candid responses to the following:

1) Using the 5/8" aluminum molding above the visor, from a number of articles, I understand how to fold over the aluminum to cover the nails, dab of sealant on nails, etc. How do you finish the aluminum ends that reach the rain gutters? Cut off bluntly and seal the end? Carefully taper the ends with a grinder or file and seal the end? Is there a "tip end" for finishing the aluminum moldings? Apply sealant o the ends? I'd then paint the strip to match the black body.
2) How would I transition the hidum welt at the two 90 degree points where they contact the aluminum molding? Welt simply cut with contact against the aluminum, then finish with sealant? Welt tip installed and contact the aluminum?
3) Just use the hidum welt on the sides and across the front? If I do, how do I finish the tips at the rain gutters? How do I finish the tips at the point where they meet the hidum across the front?

I would really appreciate any pictures and your helpful comments. Thank you!
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Default Re: top molding questions

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I once had the same dilemma. I wound up buying the metal molding for front and rear and refurbishing my side rain gutters, and they wound up looking pretty nice. The metal moldings for my car (29 Tudor) are actually steel. Bending them to the contour was pretty tricky and even though I enlisted the help of an experienced body guy, it does not quite look factory. For the metal trim going into a metal drip rail (gutter), there is a tip especially designed for that transition. All the vendors sell them. However, if you are doing metal trim and transitioning to Hidem, I can see that you have a problem. Maybe you could modify the tips designed to go to the gutter and make it look nice enough.

I have seen lots of people use Hidem rather than the original trim. I don't have an opinion as to how water-tight it is, but presumably you can put sealer in the groove and make it pretty tight.

I understand that your car is a driver, and I can attest to the very hard work that goes into going to full trim and drip rails. It's a LOT of work. That is probably why we see so many done with Hidem. Not knowing anything about the condition of your car otherwise, the Hidem will be noticeable to those who have had the experience of doing it with metal. To anyone not familiar with the nuts and bolts of the Model A, they won't know the difference, and to the casual observer, the Hidem at least presents a finished look.
-Bill G
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