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Default Radiator Overheating

I'm sure this query will be somewhat repetitive from others, but here goes. First background: I started the TLC of my father-in-law's Model A last year. First time out after changing out filters in bowl and filling up a dry gas tank I spewed a huge amount of rusty water. Got her home and shoved a hose down the radiator and flushed a lot of rust out and ran until water was clean. Then flushed with a Blue Devil product. Filled up with distilled water and added water wetter - no antifreeze since I'm in SoCal. Car ran great at speeds up to 53-55mph. A couple of months ago I drained the radiator and decided to add a 50/50 mix of old fashioned Prestone. Started to overheat at highway speeds after running for maybe 15-20 min. Hmmm. So I flushed with Thermocure, letting sit for about a week. Then flushed and back-flushed with garden hose. Still overheated. Added a Gano filter and ran for several weeks. Took her up into summer desert hills and started the overheating again. Got her home and pulled the filter to find a good amount of what looked like mineral deposits, but no rust! Cleaned it out and have noticed it is still overheating.

Next steps, and I'm looking for help here. I plan to drain and clean the Gano filter, and then run the white vinegar for a week. Should I use 2 gal to fill radiator and then top off with water if I need to? Also, I read where it is recommended to follow with a flush of baking soda and water to neutralize the effect of vinegar. How much baking soda do I use? A box in several gallons of water?

If all goes well, I plan to try Royal Purple Ice and bottled filtered drinking water. Has anyone used this product before. Royal Purple says I can use with antifreeze too, but I don't see the need considering the environment here in SoCal.
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