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Default 29 Coupe running rough

The car used to run great, never a problem. But recently I am having issues.
The car starts great and run smoothly, I start driving and have to stop at the end of the street at a stop sign (maybe 150 yards). When I start going again it runs rough, does it seems to be running on all cylinder, huge backfire and usually stall.
It then takes me awhile to get it restarted.
Now I had some backfiring before and I change the manifold gasket and also took apart the carburetor. So I maybe have caused those new problem (I also noticed that the carburetor did not have a gasket, which is on order now). The carburetor seems also to ooze some gas between the two half (could that be the issue).

I also took the spark plugs out and 3 of them were wet (gas) and one dry. Could it be a sticking valve?

As always, appreciate any help and comments.
Wish you all a great new year.
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Default Re: 29 Coupe running rough

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Hmmmm... backfire, stalling, wet plugs and leaky carb.

Gas is oozing from between the carb and intake manifold likely because of the missing gasket.

If the carb is still dripping after you install the gasket and your car is still not running right, the other three symptoms suggest the float valve on the carb may not be adjusted properly. It may be set too high and receiving too much gas. You say you took apart the carb. Other problems may be missing jet gaskets or jets in the wrong place.

... just an initial thought.

Check out this site for more on carbs:

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