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Ray in La Mesa
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Default Re: What drove you towards the Model A hobby?

When I was 4-6 years old in 1950 the old Italian neighbor had a '28 A delivery he used to transport flowers and vegetables to the L.A. flower market in. Every morning about 3:30 he would start it up right outside my bedroom window and let it idle while he loaded it up. I guess it was a subcontious sugestion but it worked. A couple years later Dad bought a '28 Chevy roadster pickup to make dump runs and that reinforced the condition. I never had a chance to be cured so ,in high school, the folks gave me a '30 fordor. It was my first car and I was in heaven. Three months later I backed it into a pine tree in Big Bear Lake and destroyed the back end. I cried! Fixed it up while in college and sold it to buy the '30 cabriolet I am now restoring. The roadster p/u idea stuck because the same year I bought the cabriolet I pieced together a '28 A roadster p/u to drive temporarily while I restored the cabbie. It cost $147 in parts and is now part of the family too. Yes, it is the one with the faucet radiator cap.
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Cory Moffat
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Default Re: What drove you towards the Model A hobby?

There was a wrecking yard on the side of town that had placed a coupe on the roof of there shop in the earley 60s.
As we drove to Town from the Ranch in my childhood. I would gaze up at that old girl and wish i could find one somewhere.

My dad said good luck as they are scarce up here. Most of them had gone to the recyclers for use in the war. Or just to our local landfill. He told me stories of getting his coupe for $20.00 when he was a kid.
They were a dime a dozen he said.

I finaly found my 30 Coupe and restored Her to original. She is a sweet ride :>)

About 8 years ago that old coupe was taken down and the body was restored with fiderglass panels then put back up there on the roof.
It does not look the same. :>(
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Default Re: What drove you towards the Model A hobby?

Well I was born in 1990; in 91 on my first birthday, my father gave my mother an abandoned farm for a wedding gift?? She still has no idea why. Well every weekend of my life sence then i have spent clearing land and ridding dirt bikes ect... For my whole life there has alwase been this memorie of myself about 2 years old playing in this old truck; its very foggy and very dull but its there, it started a love of every thing old in my life expecaly old cars. For years I never new if the dreem was real. I was going though cregs list and I saw an add for a 28 ford pick up I came home with it the next weekend. When my mother saw it she said it is just like the one on the mountain ( that old farm we call the mountain) Thats when I was filled in. When they bought the land there was no trace of it ever being a farm left it was full out forist coverage. They bought the land in the premis that there shough be some were in the 100 acers a small cabin a large barn and a well. Eventaly the well was found , also the foundation to a barn and also the foundation to a House along with a small grave yard. Next to the well was a model A Roadster pickup. That I used to play in when I was about 2. my farther tryed to remove it one day and it jsut fell apart so he junked it. Thats earlest memory i have. Latter thes history of the land and its piculare abandondment was found out. In the year of 36 there was a blizard the farmer took his truck down to the well to get watter to hopfully boil, to put in the barn to keep the cows from freesing. He got lost in the white out and died his wife and one son also died in the stom. He had one remaining some who surved he was 16 or so. He burried his family and left never to come back the bank seized the property from him in 1987 when he could no longer aford the taxs and we bought it. He is who told us the story when we tracked him down for a deed confliction. That old truck sat there from the night the farmer died till my farther halled it out of there 56 years later. Back to the point that memory hooked me in before i knew what a truck was.
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Default Re: What drove you towards the Model A hobby?

I have always loved old cars. When I started shopping for one I decided on a Model A because of the mechanical simplicity. I was pretty sure I could work on it myself. I couldn't afford a complete car so I purchased a collection of parts and built one. I finally decided to put a speedster body on it because I didn't have a body and I wanted to get it done. It is not original but the chassis is all Model A and it is great fun to drive. I think Henry Ford would be proud to know he built a car that could be ressurected from the junk heap.
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Default Re: What drove you towards the Model A hobby?

As a kid, I built models and really enjoyed building the Model A. In High School, buddy's dad bought him a Model A Pickup which he let me drive sometimes.The auto shop teacher said it had a missfire.A compression test revealed 2 dead holes. We pulled the head, replaced all the valves.There was a crack in the block between two valves. The Metal shop teacher (an old timer) welded it up , we ground it down and ground the seats . Lapped em in, put it together and it ran like a top. I always wanted one after that and recently had my chance.I bought a 29 Fordor thats mostly original in fair running condition. I plan on getting it reliable and safe and driving it.My wife and I are thrilled.
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Geo. H
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Default Re: What drove you towards the Model A hobby?

I've been into old cars since 1969 (Mostly Mopar). I wanted a roadster but couldn't afford one. Then I traded a 49 Harley for a 31 A roadster and the rest is history.
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Farrell In Vancouver
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Default Re: What drove you towards the Model A hobby?

This has been a fanatastic thread and a good read!
It seems almost all were bitten early on and either started right away or came back after raising kids and getting established.
I too was bitten early and did not know it.
My Father courted Mom in a 1930 coupe which he paid little for, he was a salesman of brake and clutch linings and traveled all over three provinces of prairies. He tells of some harrowing trips in blizzards and wind storms to make sales and deliver to garages and such, he soon wished for a car that would be better suited and sold the the 30 for $20.00 to some friend who really need it for work. I think he picked up a meteor of something and brought it home. Mom was not amused, (especially when he revealed that not only had he laid out money for a newer car but never got paid for the old one. I was too young to hear the row, but Pop finally promised her he would buy another coupe for her one day.
Fast forward to 1962-63 and while traveling through Fisher Branch Manitoba on Highway 17 in the north Interlake region of the province, Dad spots the 1928 Special Coupe in a Farmers field. The car was of course not for sale, as the gent had sold it to another guy two weeks before for $20.00! The farmer went on to say he had not yet been paid, so Pop offers $25.00 and the deal was made. Here's where my first memory of a Model A Comes in. At the time we lived in Winnipeg and towing the coupe from Fisher Branch was accomplished with the family car a long way South to home. My job as a 5 year old was to yell to dad when ever the coupe started to wander off the road as he had it tethered on about 30 feet of rope. Some how he made it, how I don't know how, as I fell asleep in the back seat of the car at some point.

Zoom ahaead to 1967 and Dad and Mom have decided to move us four kids to the Wet Coast to try their luck in the West. The coupe followed by train in 1974 and then was stored in the car port while Dad started a restoration of his beloved 30 CC P/U. He justified this by telling Mom he "needed the truck to haul parts home for the coupe".
Now ten years ago Mom asked me and my new bride if we would restore the coupe and get it running for her. This we did with much help from my Dad and it was a great bonding time for me and Dad. Mom unfortunatley did not seee it finished but I still think she would have love to ride in it just like the old days.
Now we are working on saving another, a 29' Tudor which should be on the road next spring and then we'll tear Dad's P/u down for a much needed restoration after 30 years of service.
I have built a few 60's trucks a lot of Japanese and American bikes, and loved my hot rod Pontiac but driving the coupe is a lot like when I sold my first sport bike and bought my Shovel Head FLHP. Suddenly I could hear the engine and feel the machine under me, not just a high frequency buzzing noise. The Model A sings a beautiful song to your heart and imagination. I am sometimes (rightfully) accused of not listening to my passengers as we chug a long the road. The song is too deep to ignore. I am now passing this love on to my Kids, (my eldest Daughter will inherit the coupe and I am hunting for a truck for the younger one) My wife now understands, and calls herself the Model A Widow. I hope to spend many more years driving and restoring these music makers.
Thanks for all the Barners and thier help!
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Default Re: What drove you towards the Model A hobby?

Initially, because I couldn't afford a Deuce. Now, I much prefer Model A's-restored, original or hotrodded. Parts are more reasonable, and there are just so many variations on '32's before you just look like everyone else's.
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John Stone
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Default Re: What drove you towards the Model A hobby?

When I was about 12 years old, I watched the Untouchables. My parents said they really didn't like me seeing all the violence. Told them I was watching the old cars. I'm not sure they believed me. In 1959 (15 years old) I worked driving a truck during wheat harvest. The farmer had a Model T chasis in the trees. I wanted to buy it but he said no. Later that year my Dad (section forman for the Sante Fe railroad) came home and talked about seeing an old car at abandoned farm. I ended up buying a 1920 Essex tourning car for $55 (sold it later for $500). My Dad and brothers got interested and picked up a lot of Model T stuff. I found a 26 T coupe which I was working on. Needed some tires so I bought a Model A farm trailer that had 21" wheels and tires for $10 which I removed for further use. Then Dad (bless his heart) came home and said he had traded the trailer for a Model A pickup. The farmer was going to cut it up to make a trailer. We went and towed it home that evening. About 10 miles on a dirt road. Turned out it was a late 31 steel top/wide bed. That got me started. Only have 4 Model A's right now and the 16 Model T that Dad fixed up in the late 60's. As you can see, Dad helped a lot. He never owned a Model A. Bought a new 1928 Chevy. He always called Model A's "Old ass breakers".
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Default Re: What drove you towards the Model A hobby?

I cannot remember what drove me to buying an A, but it has brought new friends, frustration, headaches and alot of satisfaction. It is all worth it when I am driving and people wave or give a thumbs up as they pass by. It puts a smile on my face.
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Default Re: What drove you towards the Model A hobby?

I was born into it, really.

My dad was a car lover and bought our families Model A in 1972 and we joined the Modesto Area A's in '72... I was two years old.

I joke with people that I have been going to the Turlock Swap Meet since I was a fetus... which, I actually have been.

My mom was pregnant with me in January of 1970... and then I was born that March. I've been every year since.

This will be my 41st year going... and I'm 40 years old! Top that! hahaha!!

Through the years my dad had built a couple of other Model A's... and owned a few more...

Highlights are the monthly tours that we went on and all of the Northern California Round Ups that we attended.

Then of course there was the trip we took from California to Kansas when I was 9 years old. Family of five in a Model A coupe pulling a Mullins trailer... very fun, and one hell of an adventure.

My dad had built a Model A coupe almost identical to his for my grandfather in 1974... and then we took it to him in I think 1975...

When he became too old to drive, he gave it back to my dad... this was about 1988.

He then sold our familie's Model A in 1991... and it disappeared.

On a cold January day in 1995 my dad passed away... at the time, my dad and I were planning on buying a Model A to build a hot rod out of. My mom ended upo giving me my grandfather's Model A... which I proceeded to turn into a hot rod.

Since building that car... I have built several other hot rods, drag cars and a Bonneville car... and a handful of other cars for others. I think I have owned somwhere in the neighborhood of 60 cars cince my first car, a '55 Chevy, that I bought when I was 14 in 1984.

Anyway, during a search for a Model A for a friend (to build a hot rod out of) I found our families original Model A.

I found the car on e-bay... but the auction ended early.

Through several e-mails and some phone calls... I tracked the car down. It was in Bentonville Arkansas!

I called the guy on a Sunday to seal the deal... wired him the money the next day... called a shipper and he said "You're in luck! I have a truck going through Bentonville tomorrow!"

I had the car that Friday...

I put my hot rod up for sale to buy the stocker back... and actually got more than twice what the stocker was worth.

But you know, I'm having a lot of fun with my dad's old A... the car is virtually unchanged from when he built it in the early 70's... same paint, same interior... everything.

The last two years of my free time have been taken up with work on our Model B powered Bonneville car... so now that THAT is done... I have drug out dad's A and have been messing with it.

Got her running real sweet and decided to take the A to my mom's for a Thanksgiving dinner. Well, we lost a rod about 45 min into the trip. Pulled the motor tonight and want to go through it.

In short... that's how I got into these little cars!

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Default Re: What drove you towards the Model A hobby?

I originally bought my 1928 Model AR Roadster to make it into a street rod. After putting it together, I actually liked it but still was favoring making it into a street rod.

After owning it now for about four years, it's going to stay stock and I'm hoping to buy another Model A, preferably a 30-31 sedan.

The 28 AR Roadster will be taken apart next winter to finish the restoration, this winter I'm busy wiring, sheet rocking, and installing the new 2-pole lift in my new shop for the Roadster and my '41 Ford.
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Chris Haynes
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Default Re: What drove you towards the Model A hobby?

In 1961 I had saved $150.00 from my Evening Outlook newspaper route. While pedaling home one day I saw a for sale sign on a 1931 Sport Coupe. The price was $150.00. I haven't lived one day of my life without owing a Model A since.
1921 Runabout
1930 Tudor
Early 1930 AA
Speed costs money. How fast do you want to go?
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gunmetal blue
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Default Re: What drove you towards the Model A hobby?

I was hooked on Model A's from very little, I was told at age 4 I would tell people that some day I would own one. When I turned 15 I bought a 1929 Town Sedan, twin side mounts cowl lights, a murray body. When I was 16 I bought a 1929 CCPU. When I was 17 I bought 1929 and 1930 Tudor Sedan. I meet a woman and............that was the end of my A's. I always said I will one day own anough one. But this time I want a AA's. At age 54 I got my first AA. Its a 1929 CCPU 188-A. The avator pics is of my truck the day I bought it. Total restoration but not for points to drive and have fun. My photo album will show disassemble. A restore and put back to look better than when I bought it. Don't know how long it will take.
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dean from bozeman
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Default Re: What drove you towards the Model A hobby?

When I was a kid my dad would tell me stories about the cars he owned before World War ll. He spoke fondly of the Model A's that he had owned. When I saw a Model A for the first time there was something that I liked about it. I saved every penny that I made from the third grade on so I could eventually buy an "A". That actually happened the summer before my sophomore year in '66.

I found a '29 Tudor in a want ad. I bought it, brought it home and started restoring it. I spent every non working minute working on it in our inner city garage. I spent every available penny I had getting parts for it. I had finished the chassis and did all the body work. All I needed to do was to put the final coat of paint on it. College approached. Since I worked my way through college, I had no money to spare. I moved away and thus it sat for 35 years.

When my son asked about it, we drove the 1300 miles to my dad's house to pick it up. However someone had beat me to it. My dad's garage was nearly empty. Someone had stole everything except for the chassis and the body. Gone were all the sheet metal parts: fenders, gas tank, doors, aprons, hood, etc. The parts were gone but not the dream.

The Tudor will be restored after we finish A495 (a phaeton) and A7191 (a coupe).
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Default Re: What drove you towards the Model A hobby?

My father bought this truck from a farmer in NH for $50 sometime around 1958-60. (I was 3 or 4 at the time) It was being used with a wooden flatbed on it as a hay hauler. The guy still had the original bed out in back of the barn. Dad put it back together, and throughout my childhood we rode all through the woods with it. I first learned to drive in that truck - at age 11!
Dad gave it to me some years ago and we brought it to Florida where I live. I have done the necessary work to keep it safe and in good repair - and a coat of paint - but it essentially has never been restored. Dad doesn't drive anymore, but I took him for a ride this morning and he just loved it. Someday one of the kids will have it. They have both expressed an interest!

(BTW - marvelous stories here!)
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Default Re: What drove you towards the Model A hobby?

I guess I'll chip in. I'm new here and don't own a Model A just yet. I love these cars though. My love of these cars started with my grandfather. He's been driving working on and restoring pre 1931 Fords for the last 50 years. My earliest memories of visiting him and my Grandmother involve his 1930 Coupe and a Tin Lizzie that has since been sold. He's had several different A's throughout the last 20 years but his favorite is that Coupe. Right now he owns his prized Coupe and a 29 Tudor. Both beautiful cars.

I'm on the hunt currently for an engine to restore and go from there. He's teaching me all I need to know and I couldn't be happier about it.
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Bob Tedrow
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Default Re: What drove you towards the Model A hobby?

My grandfather had an old ford that sat in a barn. I got*behind that wheel as a kid *in the 50's and drove around the world.*
Grandmother drove a '53 MG TD, played hot jazz piano and painted landscapes in oils. She smelled like turpentine and cookies.*

About twenty years ago I decided that I had to have a Model A and thought that owning one would make me happy.

Fortunately, I am a shallow materialistic man. Owning a Model A does indeed make me happy.*

For the last twenty or so years, I have driven my Ford almost every day in all seasons and weather. I have only been towed home three times!!*

I build musical instruments for a living...what does that say about me?

Bob Tedrow
Bob Tedrow
Homewood Music
Birmingham, Alabama
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Default Re: What drove you towards the Model A hobby?

A model t
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Default Re: What drove you towards the Model A hobby?

My story is simpler (I think...)

My wife's Dad had a few Model 'A's - '28 Phaeton, '31 Roadster and '30 firetruck. I never met the man - he passed before I met his daughter. Story is Mom always replied when asked about Christmas presents - "an elephant or a firetruck". Well, one year it was the firetruck...

Don't know the order of the cars, or how many at once; only know the '31 Roadster was the only one left when I came in the picture. Brother-in-law had taken it apart 7 years ago to "update it', but never got to the putting it back together part.

The car meant a lot to my wife since 6 months before Dad passed away, she & he went for a ride - Chicago to Santa Fe - their first, and last, trip just the two of them. It was also the car she learned to drive in...

Well bro-in-law wanted it out of his garage and a long string of happenstances brought together myself with a friend of a friend who had just gotten a job at an 'A' museum, who had a couple of friends who restore 'A's...

Well it was a re-do (as opposed to a restore) to be a driver (as opposed to a show car) and we are as happy with it as can be. Took Mom out the day after Christmas and she giggled and was telling stories of past trips - absolutely priceless.

Having done a bunch of reading and looking - I would like to add another 'A' to my garage (when I fall into that vat of money; oh yeah, and build that extra garage) - a '31 Town Sedan - what a beautiful car...

- bogie

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