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Default Re: Annoying rattle.

Mine was also spark and throttle rods

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Default Re: Annoying rattle.

If my A didn't have a rattle somewhere, I'd be worried that all the parts fell off.
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Big hammer
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Default Re: Annoying rattle.

Driving my modern today we had an annoying rattle, it was some change under my metal coffee cup!
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Don S
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Default Re: Annoying rattle.

I found a rattle from the crank hole cover. A little silicone sealer will stop the rattle but still allow you to easily open it if needed. Good luck, rattles have been chased unsuccessfully for years.
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JD 1931
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Default Re: Annoying rattle.

Check prop rod brackets, mine was loose causing a rattle. Added washers so they would not bend in, found out about possible rattle problem here on ford barn....
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Licensed to kill
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Default Re: Annoying rattle.

RATTLE FOUND AND FIXED. To make a short story long, the rattle was worst at slow speed so I drove around the yard in first gear with my stethoscope on, touching things suggested in this thread, throttle/spark levers, steering column, tunnel that the wiring traveled trough etc. Nothing. Then I touched the firewall itself and BOOM, rattle. So I parked and went under the dash and physically checked every nut, bolt, snap, rivet, bracket etc but found nothing loose. I then knocked on the firewall and heard the rattle. Kept knocking and searching until i was satisfied that it was NOT coming from the inside. I opened the hood and rapped on the firewall and within a minute found the culprit. My car has one of those aftermarket crossbars with the hooks to hold the hood up and the hooks were rattling in the channel when folded which, of course resonated through the rad support rods straight to the firewall. A rubber washer to hold the hooks firm and no more rattle. A big thank you to all that offered suggestions. Things to keep in mind should another rattle develop as well as some good info for anyone searching "rattles".
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