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Default Rumble seat lid

The paint on the lid is pitting and forming some small bubbles. It was refinished two seasons ago by the same shop that painted my car. My car has no such issues, just the lid. I think I have heard in the past that the rumble lid has two skins and moisture can be trapped causing problems. I am hoping that the experienced heads here can shed some light on this problem. Thanks, Bill
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Steve Plucker
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Default Re: Rumble seat lid

The rumble lid is/was made out of the same sheet metal and finished as the rest of the body. I have never heard of a "two" skined rumble lid...I think you got more going on with the pre-preperation of the lid before painting.

I would remove it had have it done over.

The same thing, more or less, happened to my 1929 Standard Coupe.

My two doors and the two lower hood panels were all painted with the same batch of paint. All four parts now are developing small cracks which look like rivers or valleys...

Not good.


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Dave in MD
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Default Re: Rumble seat lid

Rumble and trunk lids are constructed of an outer and inner piece. The inner piece is crimped and maybe spot welded to the outer skin. Generally any rust will appear at the bottom of the lid as that is where water can gather.
Like Pluck notes it might be a bad paint preparation job. Would you post pictures of the lid showing the damage?
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Default Re: Rumble seat lid

I'd say it's likely that there was some corrosion there that wasn't killed or removed. The old deck lids do like to corrode on the inner skin. I'm going to have to take the outer skin off to repair problems on mine. Some folks put a little too much bondo in stuff that should be flattened out better. I'll get to find out how much fun it is to rejoin the two halves after all the repairs are done. The inner skin of my deck lid is pebbled somewhat so it had cancer too. The patches that were fabricated aren't up to my standards either. If I can't repair it too easily, I might try a new skin. If it doesn't fit, it will end up patches for the old skin.
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