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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Fate is the Hunter. Yes Ernest you got it Correct.

I worked in Malaysia with a pilot named Kurt. Kurt was always a top producer in tons of fertilizer spread each day. He was better than me and that’s okay.
One day Kurt and I were working off the same airstrip. Kurt said he enjoyed working with me. I was slow and steady. I had set an easy going pace. I didn’t tell him I was going my very very fastest and I really doubt he could have made better time.
One day in high winds and takeoff down wind we couldn’t make over the trees and one was compelled to fly between some with only about 15 feet clearance from the left wing tip. The wind was on our tail plus a 150 degree turn to the left was required. Difficult and hard work and bordering on dangerous. That evening I expressed my regret in continuing in such poor conditions. Kurt didn’t think it was dangerous at all. He was quite comfortable.So he said.
Well Kurt liked the money and the job was well payed. He was too hungry to stop for a quick meal whilst the aeroplane was being refuelled. About 2 in the avo one gets sleepy especially if one hadn’t eaten or had a cat nap. The same went for Kurt too. He nodded off . Through the palms he headed. About 30 yards pulled him up.Minus wings. They were 30 yards back.
The contract finished in the year 2000 and Kurt headed back to New Zealand where he was ranked as one of the top guns.
Sadly Kurt doesn’t need to stop anymore for breakfast or to refuel.

Now that's not denigrating the dead. It is fact written with a purpose for others and pilots who will get to read this in another publication. Kurt is not the correct name of the pilot. The picture here is of Gary and not Kurt. Later on in the week I will speak about fatalities of agricultural pilots who were work mates or I knew well.
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