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Default Re: spark Advance

Originally Posted by Purdy Swoft View Post
If the starter bucks when attempting to start the engine , the initial timing is too advanced or the spark lever isn't properly retarded . I fully retard the spark lever when starting the engine . Ford said full advance at speed .
Yes. From the Ford Instruction Book:

The Spark Control
For average driving the spark lever should be carried about
half way down the quadrant. Only for high speeds should the
spark lever be advanced all the way down the quadrant. When
the engine is under a heavy load as in climbing steep hills,
driving through heavy sand, etc., the spark lever should be
retarded sufficiently to prevent a spark knock.

"Average driving" here is what we would consider low speed city driving, up to about 30-35 MPH. Then at speeds above that you start advancing it further. This is assuming you timed the engine per Ford's procedure and use a stock head with fairly low compression ratio. If you are using a 5.5, 5.9, or 6.0 CR head, you should not advance all the way like Ford says here, or you will knock and damage the engine, even at high speed.

Listen to your engine. Back off on the spark right away if you hear it knock.

But most of all, have fun!!!

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