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Default Cabriolet Club

I received information from the Cabriolet club over the weekend. The application and dues information was straightforward and on point. The information regarding the previous newsletters was a bit vague.
Anybody here a member of the Cabby club? What is your opinion on the value of the previous newsletters for those of us that are still working on the restoration process?
I could probably spring for the set if there was information contained that would be valuable to my project but probably not if it is a quarterly update on "Ralph's continuing hairloss problem".
In the alternative, the previous newsletters are just listed by sequential number. Anybody know of an index that would be more descriptive? I could perhaps purchase the newsletters that are applicable to my needs instead of all.
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Default Re: Cabriolet Club

Having been hands-on with several 68B & C's...... the info that I have seen was not enlightening. However, I also have a few buddies that are versed in them, too. So, we share a lot of info and have examples of most everything we need.

If you have no other information, that may be the best source available in a concise manner.
I am not sure of the cost these days...it's been 10 years since I waded in that water!
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Kevin in NJ
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Default Re: Cabriolet Club

The cabriolet club is a waste of time.

The club has be profitable for the owner who, as I was told, tended to buy the good deals on cabriolet parts from the classifieds since he saw them before they were printed. He always had a good selection of parts.

I was trying to write good new articles for the newsletter, but the owner became very upset when he found I was trying to move the club online. See what the A400 club offers online. He called me screaming on the phone and then wrote some nasty things about me in the newsletter. This was at a time when they were hurting for original material.

The cabrioletter is somewhat useless. I have the pile of them and can tell you the only thing of great use was the series the owner did on how to build a 68B. The rest is of minimal value or just too old and not accurate. Most everything you might need to know is found already discussed on Bob's cabriolet website or just ask the question on Fordbarn. You are likely to get a faster response then trying to wade through the newsletters.
Cabriolet and Technical Hints
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Default Re: Cabriolet Club

The cabriolet club is a waste of time.

times 2- nothing worthwhile..................................!
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Default Re: Cabriolet Club

There is a cabriolet message board online "Bob Johnson" but kind of hard to see and find stuff there ...I have not found much help in the Cabrioletter, but better than nothing....maybe go free AACA site and ask for a for cabriolet only model A 68A 69B 68C its fairly easy to get a spot there....I helped with the Cleveland/Chandler section and seemed to work OK..Spencer 68c in progress Big Pine Ca.
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Default Re: Cabriolet Club

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The Cabriolet Club has been very helpful to me as my first cabriolet came in boxes. I did not know what many of the parts I needed looked like. The Cabriolet Club info and contacts, parts sources, etc. were very helpful to me.

There is an index of items covered over the years. There is a membership roster by state which helped me go see cars together, under restoration and ask the restorer questions. I have been able to find many of the special needed parts through these contacts. I will try to answer any specific questions you have. wetipton@tiptonai.com
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Russ B
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Default Re: Cabriolet Club

The back issues on on replacing the wood were invaluable. It was my bible when I replaced all the wood on my 68A. The club has value in being a source for finding needed parts, as well.

It would benefit from more members submitting their insights on things they did during restoration. Some issues are light on cabriolet specific info. ...but a single piece of needed information can be worth an awful lot. Even though I am essentially finished with my cabriolet build, I am intending to remain a member for years to come.
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Default Re: Cabriolet Club

I also found the past news letters very valuable. I was restoring a Cabriolet that was incomplete and completly disassambeled . The illustrations and Larry M's articles on assemblying the wood and top bows were excellent. There were some news letters in recent past years that were not as good as they were. The club has a new edititor and things are also looking up. It doesn't cost very much for the club membership so if you get only a few ideas it is well worth the cost. I also purchased some parts that could not be found even at the national meets. Give it a try. Nothing to loose. Norm
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Ray in La Mesa
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Default Re: Cabriolet Club

I have been a member since the beginning and have found a lot of the material very helpful, and, some times not so much. Overall it's been a benefit for the price. Larry has his own style but that doesn't bother me. The new editors are starting off great, hope the quality of the info keeps up. Bob Johnson's website is a super source for photos of original cabriolets.
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