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Default Re: 47 generator rear bushing

the weep hole is designed to do exactly what its doing, release excess oil. there should be a felt washer at the back which absorbs oil and slowly releases the vapors onto the shaft. you have a oilite bushing, so its oil impregnated, and therefor only needs a sip every now and then. i looked at the green book, and its not shown? in the parts numbers 10129 is the whole assembly, as you found, and 78 10128 is the bushing which shows as no longer available in 48! all the 101 numbers are for the rear end parts, they do talk about the felt washer on 3 brush genys, but it gets confusing on yours. but...i believe its there, and again with the oilite bushing a dab of light grease on assembly, and a few drops of motor oil at the recommended intervals is what your after. actually the 90wt you put in should have worked, your bushing was toast before you put it in
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