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Default Re: 47 generator rear bushing

yes, professor, glad to see you back, hope to hear of your future travels in the ford. if you dont have a tap, you can make one. a grade 8 bolt with 4 flutes cut into it with your 4"grinder, every growing boy has a grinder, right? a home made tool like this makes a great thread chaser to clean up old threads, and since we are talking brass bushings, it may be enough to cut threads. or, really, just go buy one, about 4 bucks at any hardware store. next we need the size. i forget the size of the armature end, but i presume you have a dial caliper, every growing boy must have that to play with cars also. they are about 10 bucks for the chinese thing and thats all you need until you get to graduate school. so, the reason to measure is to know what size the hole started out in life, and what size it has worn to. reason being, it may be worn to an odd size that you may want to buy a metric "in between"size, or drill the old bushing to the next size that fits to allow a full depth thread cut. machinist know it as the major and minor measurement of the thread, that being the widest part, and the thinnest part at the bottom of the threads. i know, too much info here, the bushing should not be much of a fight, its brass so not rusted in, and just a press fit, but i would try to get as deep of a thread cut as possible because failure usually means go to plan b. so, once you get a tap screwed in, i would waist half a day making some fancy puller never to be used again, or you could get two matching fine thread bolts with nuts, and clamp the tap in the vise at the correct length to match your bolts with nuts down flush to the end with all four of your hands. now, simply hold a wrench on the end plate side so you dont muck up the aluminum, and with another wrench turn the bolts (or nuts) a little bit on each side until it starts to pull out. hope this makes sense, you can do it
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