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Default 47 generator rear bushing

Confused! The rear bushing on my 47 generator is worn out and needs replaced. As I read the official Ford "Repair Manual Generating and Starting Systems 1933-1947" it says "If the bushing is scored the brush and end plate assembly must be replaced. . . . NOTE: Do not attempt to remove the bushing from the brush end plate assembly as this bushing is not serviced separately." Yet, there seem to be several posts on the forum that discusses replacing that bushing, the "Green Bible" shows it as a part with its own part number, and I just bought the part from C&G.

So, what's the general consensus of opinion? Replaceable or not? If replaceable, how to remove the old one? That exact procedure I haven't found.

P.S. I have not been able to find just the brush end plate assembly for sale separately.
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