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Default Re: Wanted: Ford transmission expert

Originally Posted by 40larry View Post
I have two transmission questions regarding parts used in these transmissions.

1. Is there a difference between the 022a-7113 and 21c-7113 cluster gears? Why are there different part numbers if they are interchangeable?

2. Is there any difference between the 01a-7100 and 21c-7100 low rev slider gears? They appear identical but??

Thanks for your help........40larry
Hey larry,
I have couple of transmission parts/rebuild books by MAC VANPELT.

You will find everything in the books and more to answer/direct you when messing/rebuilding 3 speed top loader Ford transmissions.
I'm in Canoga Park, you in Northridge. Too bad about this viirus thing, else I could help you up close with you trans problems.
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