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Default Re: Zenith Carb Leak Puzzle

A leaking carb is a real pain. I purchased the carb rebuild manuals written by Steve Pargeter and Russ Reheis/Gordon Biggar. They are an excellent addition to your library. The one thing that hasn't been mentioned yet that is in these manuals is that the gas level adjustment does not have to be 5/8 in. below the machined surface of the upper casting. This is the published, recommended level but it does put the gas level in the carb right at the tips of the Main and Cap Jets. If the gas is wicking out these jets because of high level, your garage is going to smell. I have found that usually two gaskets are required under the float valve to get a level a bit lower or 11/16 in. to 3/4 in. You are running a risk of stalling at stop signs if the gas in the bowl moves forward in the bowl and uncovers the Compensator Jet in the bowl. But if you are having a persistent problem, try lowering the level.
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