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Default Re: Zenith Carb Leak Puzzle

I've been battling the dreaded "drip" for a year. 2 different carburetors, first a Tillotson and now a Zenith 2. Three shut-off valves. Shims in the carb, etc. Cold weather is worse than hot. When I'm done for the day I run the carburetor almost dry and that seems to help. Ultimately the problem is the shut-off valve leaking. If it shut off the fuel to the carburetor, the carburetor couldn't leak. I'm considering a different style shut-off valve placed between the sediment bowl and carburetor. Maybe right at the output of the sediment bowl. Just haven't found the correct valve for the project.

PS, Mine drips from the air intake side. Comes out there and travels back to the lowest bolt on the bottom of the body.
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