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Default Re: Which headlight wire for high/low beam

Originally Posted by redmodelt View Post
The one filament is off center and is the low beam and which goes on top. Both filaments in a 32/32 sould both have the same resistance. If the low filament burned out and you flipped the bulb, you would still be lighting the high filament that would be in the center and would not give you a low beam. You have to take into account the shape of the reflector and position of the filament in the bulb.
Hm - I admit I haven't seen one in the flesh, I assumed the filaments were equidistant from the centerline, for Twolite reflectors. Bulbs for H-type have the bright filament centered, with the dim above and forward, as you describe.

Socket sleeves in H reflectors are centered; Twolite reflectors' sleeves are elevated 1/16", which allows equidistant filaments. Easier to make the bulbs, i guess.

Recheck beam height if you swap between the two.
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