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Default Old problem revisited, rough running 8BA

8BA ran great on engine stand but not since installed in car. Distributor and carb. are working as they should and think problem lies elsewhere. Changes since engine was on test stand are the following: 12V battery that was on engine stand is now located behind rear seat with double 00 positive cable (engine starts immediately) had on/off toggle switch for ignition switch on test stand, am now using stock '36 ignition switch, start button on engine stand was more heavy duty than the one now mounted in my dash and now have added two fuse panels, one hot all the time, the other switchable and a 50 amp circuit breaker. The ignition switch is wired directly to the battery and not going through fuse panel. Have also added engine to ground strap. Car has negative ground and is equipped with alternator with internal regulator. Compression and vacuum good and plugs look good. No crossed plug wires. Any ideas?

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