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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

In an endeavour to tidy up my computer files I came across this story. I'm uncertain whether or not I have posted it previously. Because of the doubt here it is.

Initiative and Resourcefulness of a small farming community.

Oaklands NSW. A farming community, population (from the internet) of 238. Itís not greatly different to other farming communities in Australia and probably worldwide.
The community had a footy club, made up of mostly farmers and sons. The footy ground is well-kept but the club house/meeting room really needed upgrading. Well the local shire council decided they would provide a grant to go towards a new facility and in addition demolish the old structure. Great.
Well when a team of council workers came to tear it down they discovered it had been clad with asbestos sheeting. They were not able to proceed. This is why.
Asbestos was a mineral fibre and was mined in the West Australian town of Wittenoom. In the early Ď50ís this town was booming and had a population of more than 500. Today 3. Reason? Asbestos fibre caused an illness called Mesothelioma. This is where the carrier develops emphysema and this is frequently fatal. Even the products produced using asbestos were considered most toxic. In this case a building. To demolish it special conditions had to be met. Protective clothing and breathing filters need to be worn. Asbestos products were required to be wrapped in plastic and buried in a registered rubbish tip. Complex and costly.
Well government inspectors arrived to make an assessment and what did they find. Not a sign of this toxic product. It had vanished and not a soul knew a thing about it.
Oaklands is like most rural communities, people have initiative and are resourceful. You know a bureaucrat when it arrives on scene. When you see his lips move you know you are in for nuisance and trouble. Past experience tells you so. And no doubt a licence or permit will need to be issued for whatever you have in mind. It will be compulsory. There will of course be a fee attached.
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