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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

It can be a curse, but I like it.

On the 1st September my telephone service and internet failed. Both were running again a few days later but in the interim I mistakenly changed my passwords several times and nothing helped. Passwords to email and PayPal and other important sites. I dug myself into a hole so to speak. I became confused, frustrated and miserable. My eldest son said I should call the computer manufacturer who would help me. They did just that and I had a whole new computer, just like I had unpacked it when new. No kept documents, no pictures, no email history or addresses. No nothing. I spent hours over 2 days on the phone to my second son who lives in Honkers. He has long known I am a slow learner so he took control, i.e. remote from halfway around the world and yes, everything was quickly restored. One month and 2 days following my email failure.

I had received some 295 emails. Today, some weeks later, I have made only small progress with more than 200 left to open or respond to. They seem to arrive nearly as fast as I read and can reply. As you know I read and write for the Ford Model A Forum. Many people who read it have communicated with me and I owe them a response. So please don’t think I have elected to ignore you. On the contrary.
This is the reason you have not had a story from me in about 2 months.
I don’t enjoy the novel aspect of my computer but I do like information it provides me. For example a once large city now has a population of just 1. What has happened? Likewise what has caused wars, or depressions. The beliefs of some religions or how some exceedingly wealthy families acquired their money (no resentment from me). How to maintain my Model A or bake a cake. These stories and many others are found on the internet, on youtube. So much information is available. I have never before in my life being so well informed.
Well I have faced many difficult situations. Drought, fire, financial hardship etc but it only takes one almost insignificant happening to make me low and downcast. The curse and complexity of cyber.
On the positive, internet down allows time to tend your garden or other things needing your attention. This internet information is still available when it comes back on line.
So now it is running well I will start writing again, perhaps not as prolifically as in the past but there are still more stories to tell.

So I have told you of the pleasure I have had from the internet but I must say I found it to be a curse when I can’t make it perform. I have a river outside my back door and the fish came so close to eating Apple.
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