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Default Re: Engine Knock at 2000 RPM

Originally Posted by Sheldon Paulger View Post
I had my 1930 model A engine rebuilt about 1200 miles ago. It was rebored, babbitt removed and shell bearings installed. I could hear a light knock from the beginning. The engine re-builder claimed all was normal.

Last winter, he agree to re-inspect the engine if I removed it from the frame. He dismantled it and while he had it apart, I had a Synders touring camshaft install and a Snyders 6:1 high compression head installed. The re-builder claimed he could find nothing out of order with his rebuild.

The engine seems to sound normal at low RPM but rattles as 2000 RPM is reached.

Read a couple threads talking about pistons hitting the head or the head gasket if it protrudes into the bore.

Any other ideas? Any way to check pistons hotting head or gasket without removing the head.

Sorry to hear this has happened to you. Did the engine rebuilder ever hear this rattle at 2000 rpm? If no, why not? If yes, what did he say?

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