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Default Re: What is driving an A on snow/ice like? Can you add studs to A tyres?

Originally Posted by David R. View Post
I havenít driven one yet on snow and ice but imagine they would do well. Low power vehicles typically are more sure footed in those conditions because they donít tend to break traction as easily as high power vehicles. The old 4 cylinder IHC Scout would outperform the Chevy V8 Blazer of the day in deep snow hands down. Dad had a 4 cylinder Ranger 2wd pickup that the tractor trailers would pass on hills but you couldnít stop it in snow.


Had a Cutlass with 350/4-barrel - too much power, front heavy, rear light and having posi-traction didn't help. It would slide if someone spit on the street. Also had a 4-cylinder Fiero - enough but not too much power, light, and better weight distribution biased to drive wheels. Best car I ever drove on snow/ice.

I've driven Model A in winter on dry road but don't recall driving on snow/ice. I do rememer one time I was home from college and it got below zero. Neither of my parents' modern cars would turn over enough to start. Neither would my A but I got it going by cranking it - used it to jump Dad's. Probably put a strain on the 6V system but didn't seem to do any damage and was just enough extra juice to get him going.
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