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Default Re: What is driving an A on snow/ice like? Can you add studs to A tyres?

Originally Posted by 77Birdman View Post
30ccpu, Sorry if I came off as confrontational, just an observation that a younger guy (56,lol) does know what they are. Having said all of that, it has been at least 30 years since I have seen them, In fact I dont think I have even seen a 'snow' tire in the last 30years. All season tires are the norm around here. Of course we dont get the snow that you do either.

I did not take it as confrontational, just part of the conversation. Your post did prompt me to investigate further. Which was great, learned that most states still allow studded tires, which really surprised me. Learned that my original post was narrow and confined to IL and WI.

I tired a few quick searches and got nowhere as to when IL and WI banned them, but could not find that info.
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