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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

The Gentlemen’s Coffee Club.

In Ozland we have a men’s shed organisation. I see on the internet you in the USA have likewise. Probably copied it from us here down-under.

Well I joined the organisation. It provides a workshop with wood work machinery. I’ve always wanted to have this machinery but resisted because I can’t justify the cost for such relatively small amount of use and the wood shavings and dust would make my messy shed even more messy.
When I first established business in this region, the Riverina, many of my customers were my age, now 40 years later they are still my age of course. They are retired and they too are members of the “men’s shed”. This is great, I always liked mixing with farmers and have great rapport with them. About half our time there is spent drinking coffee and jaw wagging. I enjoy it.
It might be pertinent to mention, I’m currently building a set of hungry boards for my ute, which I call, and you all know as “woofa express”.
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