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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

I had thought I'd done this one but can't find it.

Nothing but Ford Model Aís.

I was spreading fertilizer, based at Guyra which is in the New England high country of northern N.S.W. My next job was for a farmer by the name of Moffit. I arrived at his airstrip very early in the morning and he drove out to meet and brief me in his Ford Model A. I was more interested in his car than his job; a Tourer cut back and made to a ute. I was only 23 at the time but my affection for Model Aís had been developing since my school days. Very shortly his son drove to the airstrip in a Model A and I dreuled over that as well. Then a third son arrived in likewise, a Model A.
I asked just how many Aís they had and it was 10 or 11, I donít recall. They took me to a shed and showed me one in original and almost pristine order. A two-door town sedan or maybe a Victorian, I donít recall that either. I asked how come they had so many and they said they bought them at clearing sales. They paid in the order of 10 pound each for them. Even today I commend them for their foresight and keeping them sheded.
Today the dad has passed and I know at least one of the sons is retired in Armidale. And now for myself, I am just an old cropduster. 47 years have passed. But I betcha those cars havenít aged a day. They remain the most appealing car ever built to date. Well I think so anyway.
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