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Default Re: How to original Radius Ball Cap

parts 1 and 2 are for the rubber ball. Part 3 is the correct top . Part 4 is the correct lower cap. It looks from the pic that 5 and 6 are also original lower caps, but the pic is too dark for me to say that with certainty. When the ball is the correct 1 1/2 inch, there will be about a 1/8th inch gap or a bit less between the two cups. There should also be two sleeves that fit over the studs and rest against the top cap, fitting within the holes of the lower cap. Two springs should rest between the lower side of the tabs of the lower cap and the special large nuts. The nuts must be cottered.

now what gets me is the fit of part 3 to the trans. I am wondering if you have a 32 tranny in there?
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