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Default Re: Rebuilding an Ardun OHV 1954 - 1956

Back to the Ardun engine story...
Sisler had all of the parts to get running in early '55, not sure exactly what he did about the valve guides (maybe C&T but he didn't save a receipt), he got the cam and valve springs from Isky, got his new oil spray bar from Stephens, and a few missing odds and ends directly from Allard.
Then apparently there was an incident. Sisler talks about a fire ruining the carburetors and manifolds in this note so needed new carburetors, fuel supply, linkages, etc. for the upcoming race season. Sisler also mentioned wanting a quote for the parts from Stephens in the last batch of letters so assuming this was also related to the fire and racing season drawing near. He did have an MG TC but the Allard was a big upgrade in performance with over 3X the power and not that much more weight so I'm sure he missed it and was eager to get back on the track.

(Looking at the car now, it has a little bubbling of paint on the bottom side of the hood but no other real damage related to fire so any damage from the fire must have been very contained.)

After Sisler ordered replacement parts from England, the correspondence goes quiet for the summer of '55 so assuming he did finally get it running at least satisfactorily enough.

Note: I have to take a break in posts for next week because of a business trip and won't be able to scan anything but some good upgrades to the Ardun coming in late '55 and '56 so stay tuned if interested.
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