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Default Re: 1936 vs 1937 Emergency Brake Lever

Originally Posted by TGJ View Post
rich b - I have begun looking into fabricating a mount to the transmission, so I thank you for your suggestion.

I have a 36 5 win that I have done a significant amount of improvements to the mechanical components of the car: Hydraulic brakes, 42-48, 59AB engine, 48 Merc column shift trans, 40 steering gears with a '40 column, '47 steering wheel. Front axle '41 dropped 2" w/tube shocks and a '41 front spring. Rear end is a '48 Columbia mounted to the '36 banjo/driveline w/37 radius bars, tube shocks, 48 spring.
The Parking/emergency brake is from a '37, mounted adjacent to the left kick panel. It took a little bit of engineering, fabricating up a lever assemble at the rear of the trans to connect the brake cables to, the cable coming from the handle was long enough to handle the task.
I had considered using a '50 Merc "cane" type brake handle, mounted to the right of the steering column, under the dash, even bought one which I still have. The '50 Merc brake handles were the hot setup in the early '50's.
I even considered a stock '36 floor mounted brake handle, still have one of those that I never used.. Since I had converted the trans to a column shift which I hooked to the '40 column, I opted not to clutter the floor up with a brake handle.
My '36 has a stock radio mounted above the steering column, so space for a hand brake was limited. The '37 handle fit very nicely between the radio box and the kick panel, just as if Henry Ford had that application in mind.
Bill.... 36 5 win cpe
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