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Default Re: Oil pan 59AB photos

Left and right are universally applied and relate to the driver's left and right when sitting in the vehicle facing forward.

I was restoring a Morris Minor and wanted a new "hockey stick", the curved trim piece that fits each side of the grille. A local MM specialist had a complete grille and front end on the wall as a display and I pointed to the grille and said I wanted a right hand hockey stick (meaning the one on the right side of the grille). The assistant had great pleasure telling me that was a LEFT hockey stick. He was right, and it was a lesson learnt for me.

In the UK we drive on the left and the steering wheel is on the right. Locally we refer to the left or kerb side as "Nearside" and the right as "Offside" usually abbreviated to OS or NS. This is normally encountered when the car goes for the MOT* test and the tester advises you the "NS bottom ball joint" has excessive play. Damn!

*MOT Ministry of Transport. Although the Ministry no longer exists, the annual roadworthyness test is still called the MOT test. Interestingly, pre 1960 vehicles are now exempt from the test, which is nice.

Sorry for the rambling.

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