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Originally Posted by Tinker View Post
I agree with the 1.5 or 1.75 pipe statements. I will try to get some video of the difference in sound between them. I think it also depends on your manifolds as well.

36. I'm running stock manifolds, 2into1, 1.75, glasspac, all the wayout to the back. Sounds great, I would suspect just straights would be just a bit louder as the glasspacs don't do a lot really.

Tinker why are you running 2 into 1 instead straight dual exhaust? And do any of you guys use any sort of equalizer pipe in the center of your duals?
You don't need an H or X pipe on a dual exhaust set up for a flathead V8. I was told by a professional custom exhaust man that the H pipe is best used on GM small block V8's and X pipe used on Ford small block V8's. This guy has done all of my custom exhaust work an he installed an X pipe on my mustang (289 with headers).

On our flatheads we run reds headers with dual exhaust and the short Brockman Mellow Tones, no H or X pipe needed.
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