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Default Re: Dumbest Reproduction Parts

Originally Posted by BILL WILLIAMSON View Post
Well, Purdy, I just got a locking handle for my R/H door & rumble from Snyder's, made by VINTIQUE, & they both fit & work perfectly! YES! the Dog advised me to save the originals Bill W.
Well, Bill, I also use the Vintique parts on some of mine. The door handles fit and work good. The thing is that they are cast and don't don't hold up as well as the originals. I had the handles break off on both sides of an early 1930 AA. The handles were cast pot metal Vintique and the only handles available new from the vendors. I haven't had any problems with the ones on my sedan, they seem to be stronger than the Vintique early truck handles . I also keep it inside, unless we are driving it. My roadster had a good original stainless steel clad handle on the drivers side and I found another good original handle at A's and more for the passenger side. I really don't care about judgeing. I just wanted a handle that was real model A for my pride and joy, roadster.
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