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Default Re: Dumbest Reproduction Parts

Originally Posted by ctvpa View Post
I hate to sound like my father, but I bought my Model A just 40 years ago. Back then when the tranny made a noise, you would go to the club and 5 guys would say they have 6-10 of them in the shed, find one that works. Not like that any more.
I was recently contacted by a guy that has 5-7 trailer loads of Model A stuff his brother bought when a Model A place went out of business in the 80's. He wants $7k, I looked through it, massive undertaking, way too much. So it was sold for scrap. He would not dicker on the price at all.
In the mid '50's, at our hang out shop, we had a standing deal with a scrapper, he'd sell us complete Model A & Early V-8 transmissions for $5.00 & rear ends for $7.50! Sometimes, the rear ends even had wheels & once in a while, a usable tire Bill W.
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