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Default Re: Off shore adjustable lifters

Originally Posted by Step-down View Post
Donít know either way whoís lifters they are . When I saw the lifter face and after checking spring tension I draw to a fast conclusion ďMy bad ď
I donít see any sign of any wear on the cam lobe .
This lifters is flat on top , I thought they should have a slight dome , doesnít that create The lifter to spin or is it the cam lobe grind that make the lifter spin .

Hell I donít know just a old Harley Guy having fun with these Flathead
Yes your correct the lifters do have a slight crown/radius to them. If you hold a set of new lifters face to face with light behind them you can see the radius. The good quality original lifters from Johnson even if used will have the radius. However considering the reduction and eventually the elimination of Zinc additives in most brands of engine oils since the 80's lifter wear like the set you have will happen. Extremely worn lifters will be flat when held face to face.
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