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Default Re: Electrical schematic request - 41 Convt. electric top

Originally Posted by tubman View Post
I hate to be argumentative, but how do you justify using an obviously modified system to justify how a "stock" system was configured.

You may be right, but there is no basis for your statement in actual fact. This is how "Urban Legends" get started.

I wonder, how do you interpret anything I said in my write-up that inferred the '41 system I used was "obviously modified"?

As a side-bar, many years ago someone tried to break into the trunk of my '36. It appeared that they used some kind of a pry bar, inserting the bar into the space between the lid and the body. A lot of damage was done to the body, put the lid did not come open. Amen for having the two '41 screw jacks attached to the lid and floor of the trunk.
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