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Default Re: Radiator Overheating

Good afternoon...It is good to keep in mind that radiators made today can have a lot more capacity to cool than the ones that came originally. As a note, the AA's had larger radiators because they had to work so hard. A modern four row, 10 fins per inch, and a good thermostat and you will be in good shape...assuming that your engine's water jacket and head water jacket are clean and you timing is correct.

I once was asked to clean an old block in the engine shop where I just mess around and wash parts for something to do on Friday's. I took compressed air to the block and head and filled the shop with all sorts of orange air and a million small bits of God only knows what...and this is sort of normal! If you have an engine that has been out of use and will not cool...take the head off and blow and power wash the inside of the head and the block before anything else. You certainly don't want all that junk in your nice new radiator. Ernie in Arizona
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