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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

Conservation or Stupidity ?

I always said it is a shame communism ended in the west because radicals had to find another cause, any cause. Many found conservation. Others found genetic modification of plants, many aspects of global warming and immigration issues to name just some. Uni professors who call themselves elites (what a narcissistic self opinionated title) found social justice causes of anykind. Without a cause their authority was waning. These radicals have now become irritating and a nuisance in society.

After saying that I think we all are conservative without being stupid about it and we all deplore wastage. I made the following observation on a flight from Malaysia to Darwin Australia. There were more than 1000 Indonesian fishingboats operating in the Timor Sea nor nor west of Darwin. Operating in twos and threes they had these very big fish, up to 6, tethered. I couldn’t quite figure why.
After landing Darwin and completing all the immigration and customs documentation and refuelling the aeroplane I took a cab to town. I was telling the driver of the sighting. He said he had been a fisherman and said the big fish were sharks. The fishermen would cut the fins off the beasts (for an Asian delicacy, shark fin soup) and discard the bodies. Now I deplore that, the wastage that is. Why don’t they take the bodies as well. Indonesians I’m sure would use the meat. Don’t you agree?
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