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Default Re: tell a Model A related story

The escalating cost of fuel.
I grew up on a farm. Fuel was delivered by a small tanker and decanted into 44 gal drums. This was pumped into the tractors and vehicles with a pint stroke pump. It’s a small pump but we are talking about small quantities. Both petrol and diesel.
I remember my dad cursing a price rise of petrol. It had risen to 7 pence an imperial gallon or 6.33 pence a US gallon.
I filled my motor car yesterday at our local bowser. $1.50 per litre. That is $7.80 USA per U.S. gallon.
Now, 2 weeks after writing the above diesel is $1.65 a litre and that’s $8.58 USD a US gallon. 2nd July 2018.
Going back to my parent’s farm. I mentioned earlier that we had two Farmall Model A’s.During my teens the Farmall Model A’s were sold and replaced by a John Deere, two cylinder ‘G’ model. These were produced in the 30’s and I am now talking about the 60’s. I asked dad why he bought such an old tractor and especially a petrol powered one.
Well the answer was simple. We had a petrol burning motor car. Yes. And what say a tax and excise inspector called (farm fuel was exempt of tax) and asked why we purchased petrol? Well I had to have a farm utility that burned petrol to satisfy the man didn’t I.
My dad was an honest and principled man who always told the truth. The exception was to the government. To them an untruth was not a lie.
Years ago I got pinched at Sydney airport for not declaring a movie camera. My name is now on electronic memory for ever. I told the customs man I had no conscience about lying to the government , after all they lied to me every day. It took about 4 seconds and I distinctly saw a smile on his face.
The photos are simply internet acquired shots.
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