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Default Something different?

I was up in the Chicago area last week, and many of the suburbs there have a "Main Street Car show" every Friday night, where they block off downtown streets and you can park your special interest vehicle. I went to the one in Wheaton.

There was an "A" coupe of some flavor, a hot rod, with an 8BA flatty but with heads I had never seen before. Spark plug spacing was very different, for starters. I asked the owner what the heads were, and it turns out he used to work at a CNC place, and just made his own three-piiece heads! The real shocker was, he said he cc'd the stock heads, then made the combustion chambers on his heads for 12:1 compression ratio!!

I did not get a chance to hear it run. I wouldn't have thought it was even possible to get that high with a flathead? I wonder how long the rods will last??

Note also the homemade injection system. He also CNC'd a custom torsion bar rear suspension that was very interesting.
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