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Default Re: What lube for '39 vacuum wiper motor?

Moonraker. This may not be applicable to your car, but I had a problem with the wipers not working properly on my '46 Coupe. I had the motor apart cleaned, oiled, tinkered, and talked to myself a bit, but still slow or not working. I was lucky when a fellow Barner offered and sent me the low usage motor from his car, which was stronger than mine. I installed it, but still not good enough to take the car out and get caught in the rain. More work/research showed two issues. The first, was that one of the wiper shafts, where it comes through the housing on the cowl was almost seized, so it was very stiff to turn. The second issue I found was that a previous owner had installed aftermarket wipers and wiper arms, and the spring tension on the wiper arms applied too much down force, creating more resistance than stock arms do. Freed up and lubed the shafts, installed correct wiper arms and all is good. Just don't try to pass that Corvette when it is raining.
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