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Default Re: Success with improvements for touring

I have been on lots of tours here in S. California, and it sure is funny that almost no one with a stock Model A will venture anywhere except on surface streets. Most of these cars are not totally restored, mechanically perfect and never will be, and for some reason, many Model A owners will never achieve that. The cars that do tour do not have all of those mods, but many do have OD, HC head, and cast iron brake drums...which I guess you really don't need either, as long as you can still track down NOS steel drums. Most also have added the second tail light and turn signals, along with seat belts.....again, not real Model A, and those seat belts sure do look unoriginal too, and really aren't necessary if you just drive carefully....
Let's face it, as someone else has already said, you are never going to get these two camps together; both are right in that they can make valid points in each of their viewpoints.....there is no right or wrong, just folks enjoying their cars as they deem best. I think presenting both viewpoints is great and folks can decide for themselves, as most touring folks that I have seen do............

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