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Default Re: 33 Phaeton questions from Sri Lanka

Thanks guys !!

The starter switch set up on my engine at the moment is exactly like Charlie's first photo.

So do we assume that it is the correct set up for my 33 RHD Model B ?? If yes, next question is where would the starter cable go on the dash ?


should my car have the V8 style foot switch ? ... when the later 32 cars used the floor switch, did it use a different starter or the same starter just without any kind of switch attached to it ?

Since someone went to the trouble of fitting 1935 FORD 16" wire wheels to my 33 car, it is quite possible that they also fitted an earlier style pull starter when the original one broke .... which brings me to the question.... could the 16" wheels on my car be correct for it ?? did "export" cars have the option of 16" wheels ?
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