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Default Re: 33 Phaeton questions from Sri Lanka

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Great car. Good for you.
Let's talk about the starter. Of coarse, I am not familar with a right hand drive 4 cylinder set up. I did have a '33 V8. The starter was activated by a button on the floor, much like a Model A. It was located in the area of the accelerator pedal and brake pedal. It was simple rod / bolt with a button type head. The starter switch was attached on the starter motor. By pushing the Button/rod with your foot it would engage the starter switch.
I would guess the 4 cylindar cars were the same.

The '32 4 cylinder cars had a knob located in the column drop. By pulling this button it would move a cable that was attached to the starter switch.

Please note: The switch on the starter is where the Battery cable attaches. The other circuits are terminated here. There are after market FUSE that should be installed on the starter switch. This protects the other circuits. Very important !

Bill Herbert
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