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Default Re: Starter selaniod

Back in the 50's when I needed a remote starter button for a off topic car I was working on, Here's how I did it. It was fun back then. Can't remember using it since then. Always used the button on the solenoid for Fords.

I got up in the morning, made breakfast, put gas in the truck and drove to the local war surplus yard. Rummaged through the electronics area and found a heavy duty push button and 2 alligator clips.
It wasn't very heavy so it only cost a nickel. (stuff sold by the pound)
I found a housing to mount it in the scrap aluminum area. Cost another nickel.
Went to the scrap wire area and found a suitable piece of wire. Cost a dime.
Went back to the shop and assembled all of the "surplus junk". Went to lunch.

How much fun can you have nowadays on 20 cents. Oh, forgot, maybe 20 cents for gas also.
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