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Default Re: 1929 Model A Fordor gas tank removal issue

Originally Posted by rembrandt78737 View Post
I ordered the filter screen removal tool before anyone had responded. Obviously, I didn't need it to get the tank out but will need it to remove the filter. Once I got the tank off something was rattling around in it. Turns out it was the old strainer. Guess it broke off at some point and has been loose in the bottom of the tank. I'll need to wait for the tool so I can hopefully remove the locking ring. No other exit point is big enough to remove the old filter.

One cause of the strainer/filter/flame arrestor dropping into the tank is not being careful with the gas nozzle when filling with gas. This happens more often on As with the Tab style strainer than on cars with threaded screw in strainer. When it drops in it rolls around in the bottom of the tank and can damage the gas gauge (cork/neoprene float) or get caught and cause the gauge not to work properly - Had this happen to me.

Getting the strainer out was not fun, but was able to have a second person shine a light down the fill hole, position the strainer for me while I hooked it and pulled it out through the Gas Gauge Hole. Had to use a heavy duty large needle nose pliers and mangle/bend it up to pull it out.

I did not replace it , took forever to fill the tank with it in, and had to be extra careful so the strainer would not fall into the tank. I am always careful to tough the nozzle to the car before putting the nozzle into the fill to insure I do not cause a spark.
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