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Default Re: Interest in new restoration project thread?

Good morning gentleman.

Life is finally settling back down in to my normal. My normal equates to working 18+ hours a day and loving it. Businesses, horses (eleven of them) writing my book and well, life, kinda gets in the way of restoration threads.
I'll start this thread with the hopeful understanding that these restorations are a hobby / passion for me. It takes me about twelve to fourteen months to complete a full restoration.
It can fairly be argued that there as many approaches to a restoration as there are projects. My approach is just one and there's little doubt not the best one by far. I continue to learn day after day and on occasion wonder how and why "I didn't think of that" much earlier in life.
Anyway, feel free to express advice, raise queries, heck, (positive) criticize.

As a bit of overlook, I tend to inspect the vehicle closely and take many photos prior to disassembly. As many of these as I've done, I forget stuff. Oh, this is #17 - all were either '39 or '40 Fords with the exception of two Buicks, a '31 and a '38 (sorry guys).
I then disassemble the car down to the very last nut and bolt. I don't tend to label and bag as much as I used to as I for the most part know exactly "what bolt goes where".

The next step is to take a written inventory of any and all parts I feel I may need for the completion of the project. I use as few reproduction parts as possible but some (repop) parts I find necessary and / or prudent to utilize.
I promptly seek and purchase all pieces I think I may need. I don't care to be held up simply because I can't locate a certain required piece on any day.

I do tend to work on a number of assemblies simultaneously. Why? Well, I tend to get "burned out" if I spend countless hours / days working on (example) on fender.
I tend to complete the chassis first as heck, it's the foundation of all to come afterward.

While finishing the frame, I will also finish each subassembly. As an example, the brake backing plates will be fully restored and assembled. Another example? The brake / clutch pedal assembly will be fully restored. All of these subassemblies will have their respective fasteners placed with them in storage. And yes, I keep a very accurate inventory of what part is in what box and on what shelf.
I believe you can picture how a chassis comes together easily for me. It so much fun (yeah, a sickness) to be able to work hours upon hours assembling the chassis with no interruptions as all the required pieces are finished, in a box, awaiting installation. Another benefit of this approach is when the chassis is assembled, it is all very fresh and pristine at the same moment.
Okay, thanks for putting up with me thus far.
Oh, I am 100% certain my restorations are not for everyone. They are without argument "over restored". However, only in the fit and finish are they over restored.
Correct? I will discuss with anyone - anything, that they may feel is incorrect. Like I'd mentioned earlier, I continue to learn.
"I can explain it for you. However, I can't understand it for you".
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