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Mike, the pumps have changed since the old side arm jobs that dribbled a few ounces after shutoff. In the modern one hose pumps the fuel selection is switched with servo valves at ground level, then through the mechanical pump, up an 8' pipe to an overhead coupling, then down 10' of hose to the nozzle.

The "flush" to change grades in a modern Tokheim or Wayne pump is about 2 1/2 lbs of fuel according to the 'vette nut I know. That's about a quart and a half. If you have a motorcycle that takes only a gallon or so and you need premium, you really get screwed if the last guy bought the cheap stuff.

Stations like the one hose jobs because the vapor recovery control hoses used in Chicago and some other big cities cost $120+ each to replace. Nozzle rebuilds are expensive, too. If you have four pumps, four hoses and nozzles are way cheaper to maintain than twelve! The don't have to wear out, they have a mandatory replacement service life date on them.
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